Sustainability for junior exploration

Leverage our know-how. With our wealth of experience and expert network, you'll confidently navigate the challenges of the business world and turn your sustainability aspirations into reality.

Engagement options

Clarify your intentions
Confirm and step change
Strategy and roadmap build
Ethical sourcing of raw materials

Sustainability navigator assesses your sustainability practices. For businesses starting out or uncertain about ESG. We consider the sustainability maturity of your business, identify strengths and improvement areas. You receive a report for internal discussions, sparking your sustainability strategy. For businesses that are looking for the starting point.

Disclosure messaging for meetings produces a narrative on your sustainable practices. For businesses wanting effective communication with investors and stakeholders. Building on our Sustainability navigator, we analyze your sustainability initiatives, aligning them with investor and stakeholder interests, highlighting positive impacts, and addressing gaps. You receive an authentic narrative for confident engagement. For when strong investor and stakeholder relations are vital for your business

Sustainability report review provides an expert’s perspective for businesses looking to improve their disclosures. We review your sustainability report against current and emerging requirements. You receive a report card outlining strengths and opportunities, enhancing future reporting and solidifying your commitment to sustainability. For when you’re writing or have written a sustainability report and are uncertain of its quality and effectiveness.

Sustainability due diligence is a rapid screening of sustainability performance of businesses, projects, suppliers, acquisition targets, partners, stakeholders, or investments. We undertake a comprehensive review of available information to identify risks and highlight areas where value might be found. You receive a checklist of issues and opportunities to consider. You need this when you wan to protect your reputation and be sure about the sustainability risks associated with business relationships and dealings.

Sustainable RightStart establishes a robust ESG foundation. For businesses without an existing strategy, or those uncertain about their current approach. We evaluate your current sustainability efforts, using globally recognized standards to identify critical issues and relevant frameworks. You gain a personalized roadmap aligned with your business goals, guiding next steps and aiding in drafting ESG disclosures. For when you need a cost-effective, impactful start to your sustainability journey (Workflow).

Copper Mark Assessment advice for copper, nickel, zinc and molybdenum producers.  We provide comprehensive assessment services as an approved Copper Mark Assessor, for producers aiming to demonstrate their commitment to responsible production practices. For when you are preparing for the Copper Mark application or reassessment, undergoing significant operational changes, or independently verifying responsible production practices (The Copper Mark).

We also provide customized sustainability solutions

Spanning advice, training, and system enhancement for sustainability.  For businesses in need of expert guidance for navigating complexities or addressing specific issues.  You receive advice tailored to your needs.  When you are lacking in-house time or capability and require dedicated resources – helping businesses become sustainable is our passion.

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