Integrating Sustainability

We help mining companies accelerate the integration of sustainability into their strategy and operations.

Our approach is all about understanding your specific needs. We start by listening carefully, ask the right questions to clarify your objectives, and then design a solution to address your unique challenges.

How we go about it

Whether we’re creating an entire ESG strategy from start to finish, or leading only one aspect, we focus where we can make the biggest impact.  We ensure that every step of our engagement is tailored to your distinct requirements, driving effective and measurable results.

Materiality assessments

Generic materiality assessments help no one. Our reality-based assessment process is built around generating results that you can actually use – as the foundation for your strategy or to sense-check your strategic direction. We get granular so your biggest risks and opportunities are obvious, and you are able to develop real actions at the appropriate level to manage both risks and opportunities.

Maturity assessments

We provide a snapshot of where you currently stand and a strategy to get you to where you want to go, aligned to your current development stage. For instance, a junior  explorer doesn’t need a 20 year climate change strategy. At the  other end of the spectrum, multi-site international organizations need to know where to start and what their current strengths and weaknesses are.

People and data focused

We know what it takes to embed sustainability into day-to-day operations – from gaining the buy-in of operations managers and executive leadership, right down to determining the most impactful data to collect.   

Operationalizing ESG

Turning strategy into action is where real change happens. We work closely with your team to integrate ESG principles into everyday operations. This includes developing clear procedures, assigning responsibilities, and ensuring compliance across all levels of the organization. By embedding sustainability into your operational framework, we help drive continuous improvement and sustainable practices.

Sustainability reporting

Whatever your reporting objective is, we can help. We work closely with you to guide your reporting process, doing as much or as little as you prefer. Our aim is to ensure that your reports are meaningful to your chosen audience, do not contain greenwash and demonstrate the progress you have made.

Practical expertise

Governance and risk

Effective governance and risk management are key to sustainability. Clear governance structures and comprehensive risk management frameworks ensure accountability and transparency. By identifying potential risks and implementing proactive measures, organizations can enhance resilience and sustain long-term growth. Practical steps include defining roles, establishing decision-making processes, and monitoring risk mitigation efforts to ensure continuous improvement.

Due diligence

We use a tailored and detailed due diligence framework to assess the full range of ESG risks and  opportunities at the site level and at the corporate level. Whether you are a buyer looking to influence the transaction price by identifying otherwise invisible/underpriced risks or a seller increasing the attractiveness of their asset to a wider range of buyers by demonstrating effective management of ESG risks.

Auditing and assurance

Regulatory compliance, global sustainability standards, Equator Principles, the International Finance Corp’s Performance Standards, the Joint Due Diligence Standard for copper, lead, nickel, zinc and molybdenum, and integrated management systems – we have either audited them or helped companies identify their gaps for future compliance.  Suzanne is an approved Copper Mark Assessor (for copper, nickel, molybdenum and zinc).

Sustainability speaking, we’re here to help. Our expertise extends to providing tailored advice, training, and system enhancements. If your business lacks the time or in-house capability and needs dedicated support, responsible exploration and mining is our passion.

Let us how we can support your project!

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