The transition to low-carbon energy requires the mining of minerals and metals

Responsible mining of Critical Minerals
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Genesg is a specialist ESG and mining consulting firm that works with companies to implement sustainable practices to responsibly produce critical minerals.

We provide support for leaders who need…

A cost effective plan that is right sized for now and scales for the future

To have ESG covered with minimal if any interruption to current focus

To raise capital – “good” ESG equals more and cheaper funding

ESG experts who understand mining and exploration

The global competition to discover and extract critical minerals has intensified, with ESG being not only the driver, but also a differentiator. For junior miners, this is both an opportunity and a challenge: to gain market share and attract partners, while also managing environmental risks and impacts on the local communities in which they operate.

To attract government funding or to simply to remain competitive in this changing landscape, junior mining companies must evaluate their ESG performance and create strategies to address the sustainability issues that are specific to their project.

At Genesg, we work as an extension to your team to embed ESG and sustainability activities into your existing work flows, with the aim of adding value to your company at the project level as well as at the corporate level.

As the world strives to cut carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, the demand for the critical minerals required for the transition to net-zero is surging.

According to the Responsible Mining Foundation, the mining industry lags other industries in ESG reporting, even though companies have been managing  environmental and social programs for decades. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to map their existing sustainability programs and outcomes to the relevant ESG frameworks and standards, to enable them to provide the data that investors and other stakeholders are asking for and in the right format.

With our hands-on ESG and mining experience, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients make informed and effective decisions in this complex and ever-changing landscape.

Our Practical, Actionable, Personalized Approach…

Exploration and mining leaders must balance time, results and expenditure in an effort to discover the next orebody. While a commitment to ESG is now considered as essential, the costs and complexities of its implementation can be overwhelming.

For this reason we created three customized approaches tailored to each stage of mine project development – exploration, feasibility and design, and operations. We want to make ESG easy for you by providing the right amount of ESG input for each project stage. We also give you guidance as to how to keep integrating ESG as your project develops.

ESG for Exploration

How Savvy CEOs in Mineral Exploration are
Turning Challenges into Opportunities

“When you’re an explorer ESG is about Intention”

Our 30 day ESG Program for Explorers…

There has been a long-held belief in the resources industry that because early to mid-stage exploration is low impact, ESG is not necessary. However, it’s important to understand that ESG is not about impact, it’s about intention. There is a growing recognition that investors and lenders have an ESG agenda and are asking companies at all stages of development questions such as, “What is your ESG performance? What about carbon neutrality, human rights, external stakeholders or community health? Do you have informed consent?

This is a challenge for exploration companies that are necessarily focused on their primary goal of discovering economic deposits. But it’s time to face the fact that responsible investment is becoming a driving force.

That’s what Genesg’s ESG Quickstart for Explorers is for. It gives mineral explorers a clear starting point and is customized to include only the aspects that are relevant to the project’s stage of development, making it extremely cost effective. 

We work with you to identify your existing sustainability activities, which for explorers are typically around engaging with local communities, and conducting exploration safely with minimal environmental impact.

Then using internationally recognized standards we actually create the foundation from which an ESG Strategy can be developed in future.

The steps typically involve:

  • Step 1. Assessing current activities.
  • Step 2. Identifying material issues.
  • Step 3. Selecting relevant frameworks and standards.
  • Step 4. Creating an ESG roadmap that aligns with your project plan so you know what the next steps might be and what will trigger them.
  • Step 5. Drafting the disclosures that investors and other stakeholders want to know about – this could be a web page, input to existing reports or a separate document.


Improve your risk profile, enhance your reputation and heighten investor appeal before your next fund raising.

ESG for Mine Developers

Simplifying complexity

“ESG matters at feasibility stage: plan early win big”

Our 3-step ESG Program for Mine Developers…

“whether you want to build a strategy from scratch or improve on established foundations

It hardly needs to be said that the feasibility stage of mining projects can be grueling, and ESG is likely the last thing anyone wants to think about. However, it is in this stage that most of the design decisions are made, which once made are expensive to change. So it makes sense to include all factors in the design decisions, including ESG. It is also during this stage that the environmental and social impacts are identified, and mitigation and monitoring plans are developed. This information is fundamental not only to the permitting process and the overall feasibility of the project but adds significantly to the value that a company’s ESG strategy can unlock.

For smaller companies this stage can be particularly challenging due to the need to outsource all technical work and the pressure of being a one project company. In spite of this (or because of it…) investors are particularly focused on ESG factors and how they may influence the project outcome and the feasibility of the ongoing operation.

This is where our experience in all stages of mining, combined with our critical knowledge of ESG, adds significant value. We won’t overwhelm you by expecting you to do everything at once. Instead, we work alongside you, utilizing existing processes and information whenever possible, and integrating the ESG strategy into your ongoing work program.

Our process uses internationally recognized standards and follows the accepted method for ESG Strategy development – optimized for the mineral development stage.

Set up and leverage ESG integration with your feasibility process.

Total ESG Solutions for Mine Operators

Purposeful. Engaging. Innovative.

“ESG excellence for responsible Miners”

In addition to strategy development and implementation, we can also assist with:

Due diligence assessments for M&A activity.


Audits of systems, plans or commitments.

Decarbonization pathways.

ESG training and coaching for employees and practitioners.

ESG Management System development.

Supply chain audits including preparation.

Assessment of community engagement strategy.

Fractional ESG services - e.g., Chief Sustainability Officer.


Sustainability Reporting

We’re with you every step of the way.

Our approach is all about customization, not doing things as they’ve always been done. A tailored strategy designed specifically for your success, with consistent communication, support, and step-by-step guidance. You can count on us to be in your corner every step, meeting with managers, answering questions, and cheering you on. 

Ask us how we can help boost your ESG game.

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